About Us

Don’t you wish you had a Salon management system that takes into consideration all your business aspects from someone that actually ran a Salon business for many years and know the challenges and the day-to-day operation needs? Well, this is the case with MasperMind!!!

MasperMind was established by a founder that has more than 20+ years in the Beauty industry. MasperMind system was designed to resolve and improve Salon owners’ day-to-day challenges to run their business based on a working experience of a person whom for many years runs 10s of Salons places.

Who we are? MasperMind is a technology company that has been developed the most sophisticated management system for Salon businesses. MasperMind allows you to run and manage your business A-Z in an extremely friendly and easy way.

The system Improves and increases your work efficiency, creating automated operation processes with minimum human intervention, by doing that you will increase your business income, and will let you be less depended on human headcounts for running your business.

Our platform provides the following main features:

Advanced Booking system
Reporting & Analytics
Staff Time-Clock
Have Your Own Website
Marketing tools
Inventory Management
Messaging System
Automatic Clients Reminders via Text &     Email
How do I install MasperMind?
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